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Fuel Injector Install on Audi A4 1.8T

Prior Experience: None
Cost: Cost of injectors
Time: aprrox. 20 minutes

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This write up is useful for anyone doing a turbo upgrade or just upgrading from a stage 1 to a stage 1+ file. The injector install is a classic way an aftermarket tuner will try to rob you of money. You will get charged for an hour of labor for 20 minutes of work. You can do this install in the parking lot before you get the new software flash. This avoids the unnecessary fees for labor.;

SUPPLIES - All you need is a set of allen keys to do this

Audi A4 fuel injector  

The first thing you need to do is unscrew the two hex head bolts that hold the fuel rail down. A common allen key can do this

Audi A4 fuel injector  

Next you need to pull the fuel rail STRAIGHT up. There will be a little resistance, but a slight tug will break it free.


Next you need to remove the fuel pressure at the rail. First unscrew the cap at the end of the rail

  Audi A4 fuel injector

To relieve the pressure, cover the end of the rail with a rag, and press the button at the end of the rail with a screwdriver or something similar. Hold it down until all fuel is removed from the rail.

  Audi A4 fuel injector

To disconnect the injector harnesses, you just push down on the metal clips and pull each harness off

  Audi A4 fuel injector

With the harnesses off, you can pull each injector out of the rail. The only thing holding them in there is an O-Ring. A slight yank will get each one out.

Be sure to get the O-Ring out with each injector, and be careful not to loose them

  Audi A4 fuel injector

The install is in the reverse order. To re-pressurize the rail, key the vehicle to Run (without cranking) and wait. Key back down to OFF and repeat. Do this several times and you are good to go

Good Luck!

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