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Audi A4 ECU/ECM Removal

Prior Experience: None
Cost: $0
Time: aprrox. 30 minutes

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If you are getting your vehicle chipped or flashed and you need to mail the ECU (or have it soldered) the ECU will have to come out of the vehicle. This write up explains that process

SUPPLIES - A couple flathead screwdrivers, torx bits and a dremel tool

The ECU is located up at the firewall almost directly under the driver's side windshield wiper. To start, remove the wiper.

There is a plastic cover guarding a nut that holds the wiper arm in place. Pop is off, and unbolt the wiper

Audi A4 ECU

  Audi A4 ECU
Audi A4 ECU  

After the wiper is out of the way, you can start to unscrew the cover for the ECU. Once you try this, you will see why the wiper needs to be removed. you will have to push the plastic that surrounds the wiper around in order to get to the torx screws in the back

After the cover is off you will see the ECU. Push on the strap that covers the top in order to disengage it
Audi A4 ECU   Audi A4 ECU
Audi A4 ECU  

The ECU is resting in a metal sleeve which is securing it (and the harness) to the vehicle. In order to get it out, you will have to cut slots into the two security screws.

NOTE: Cut the slots DEEP and across the whole head of the security screw. Use the BIGGEST flathead screwdriver you have.

I found that even with the most bad ass screwdriver, I still did not have enough juice to break these screws loose (they are loctited) without stripping the slots.

(sorry for the over-exposed pic)


I found I had great success taking the big flathead, and clamping a pair of vice grips near the tip of the screwdriver. This allowed me to get a lot of steady torque on the heads. They broke free immediately

  Audi A4 ECU
After these screws are out you can disconnect the harnesses and slide it out of the security sleeve
Audi A4 ECU   Audi A4 ECU

Ship it and hope for the best... Pack it WELL

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