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I built this site as a small hobby back in 2004 when I first bought my audi. It was just a side project that grew into a beast. I found that all the writeups on car modfiication were typically poorly writen, or had bad photos. Many times photos were to dead links and you were left with only text descriptions. I decided to start this site to have consolidated place to house a bunch of high quality DIY writeups.

As the content grew, so did traffic. I had to learn how to code a real website, learn php, some database stuff etc. I had a good time doing it. Ultimately I sold my audi around 6 years ago - so the content has not grown. The site still gets a lot of traffic and is often a first search result on google. I would like to sell it to another enthusiast who wants to take it on.

I'd love to see someone who wants to make it mobile friendly. Really the original design was not with tablets and mobile in mind, so it really needs updating for that purpose. A refresh and a revival among the forms will bring this site back to what it should be. hopefully someone is interested.

Email me at with an offer if you are and we can work out the details

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